? Postal code means a series of numbers or letters, usually containing only numbers or spaces, used for the purpose of identifying mail and sorting it. While the use of postal codes originated with the first postal services, they are now widely used by businesses and individuals both, as a means of identification, and to facilitate correspondence.

For instance, when mailing a letter, the receiver’s address will always be the same as the sender’s, whether that be a residential or an office mailbox. Similarly, when mailing a document such as a bill or a receipt, the postal code given should be the same as on the document. It is not necessary to use the entire postal code for each and every line and page on the document, however. Using only the area code for the line or page that the document is printed on will suffice, and will not yield any negative results.

What does postal code mean? In a nutshell, it is an alphanumeric or numeric string, which identifies a street address or street name, or sometimes both. Using it correctly can save a great deal of time, effort and paper, and will help ensure that the receiver of a package is able to accurately route it to the correct recipient, and return it at the correct time. Having no way of referencing the information contained in the postal code, a package can be returned to the sender, or left at a different address altogether.

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